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Howdy Folks,
Thank you for clicking on this link and taking a moment to read about a tragedy that happened in my wife's family last year at Christmas time, and to learn what the remarkable people whose lives were so profoundly effected are doing to help themselves survive an unfathomable loss. The following letter/ statement is from my wife's cousin and my good friend J.P Furr. He and his wife Julie lost their son Kaleb to the flu last year just before Christmas. Those of you who, like me, are parents yourselves, can understand that there could be nothing more unbelievably painful than to experience the loss of a child. Further, J.P. and Julie are truly exceptional people. Both are special ed teachers in Albemarle, NC. I mention this only to try and exemplify that they are empathetic folks who made choices and sacrifices in their lives to try and be of service to others long before they were saddled with the death of their son. As the healing slowly begins, J.P. and Julie have thrown themselves even more into doing work for those who are not able to help themselves. When I was in North Carolina for Christmas this year the two of them had been awake for the better part of 2 weeks wrapping and delivering donated toys to orphanages and hospitals all over the state. They are honest and hardworking people who are tirelessly dedicated to their chosen task. If you are able to contribute anything at all to help them achieve their goal I would be very grateful.

Respect and Thanks, GJ

On Dec 10th, 2003 our precious 18-month-old son Kaleb James Furr received his wings as Heaven's Newest Christmas Angel. His life was taken from after a short battle with the flu. To truly understand the type of child Kaleb was you would have know that he was a kind, loving and gentle person.

All he knew how to do was love and he had a smile that that could change your day. His spirit was so innocent and his personality produced a warmth that radiated through anyone that came into contact with him. He was a true angel from the moment he entered this world. So to honor our son, my wife Julie and I came up with the Kaleb Furr Memorial Fund.

This fund was set up for 2 purposes, the first being that we would collect money to purchase toys, clothes and other items for underpriveleged children at Christmas time so that they might have the same opportunities that other children get to experience. We usually try to adopt families through local organizations such as Red Cross, Christian Ministries, Battered Women, and churches just to name a few. We try to maintain a constant supply so that if there happen to be any burn out victims we can help out.

The second purpose is that we are trying to build a Miracle League baseball field for disabled children. The concept for this type of field came from Conyers, Georgia. It was designed to provide individuals from 5-18 years of age with handicaps and disabilities the opportunity to play a sport that kids all across America love, baseball. Kaleb and I shared a love of baseball, spending many nights watching the Atlanta Braves on TBS.

Also, Julie and I are both Special Ed teachers, and we each have relatives with disabilities. Therefore, the idea of helping the children experience the excitement of getting their first hit or making their first catch is just warming to our hearts. And hopefully it is something that would make Kaleb proud of Mommy and Daddy.

Anyone interested in contributing to our efforts of improving the lives of the under priveleged in honor of our precious son can send contributions to:

J.P. and Julie Furr
42824 Pine Acres Rd.
New London, NC 28127


First Baptist Church of Albemarle
202 N. 2nd St. Albemarle, NC 28001.

Make any checks payable to First Baptist Church and where it says what the check is for put Kaleb Furr Memorial Fund.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

J.P. Furr

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